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Working together – By Alison Stirling from Artlink

Many of you may have noticed the current redevelopment work at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.   It entails many physical changes to the REH grounds and buildings as the hospital slowly morphs from crumbly Victorian buildings to a sparkly new fit for purpose building. Within this upheaval, Artlink have been working very closely with patients to explore change, its impacts and …

Introducing Focus ARBD

Like the Patients Council, Focus ARBD is a collective advocacy organisation. It was formed by a group of people with Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD) and supporters in 2012 to raise awareness and understanding of the condition, challenge stigma and campaign for better services, aims which are pretty similar to those of the Patients Council. Alcohol Related Brain Damage isn’t …


  Hurting to Heal SUBTITLED Vimeo 720p from Harmless Psychotherapy on Vimeo. If the video above is not showing correctly then please visit the following link: