Topic Based Reports

Our topic based reports strengthen the voice and opinion of patients. Topical reports can be distributed, presented at meetings and used to look at the issues. They can also say what solutions patients think will work.

During October 2018 – May 2019, the Patients Council received funding to do additional work on patient experience in the REH. This work has now finished and we want to thank everyone who took the time to share their experiences with us.

The four reports below let you see what we did, what people told us and what the REH Patients Council think the key message are.

Strengthening the Patient Voice: I have a voice, hear meResults Report, May 2019: This report tells you what people said about their experience of being in the REH.  The key messages that the REH Patients Council has taken from what was said are at the end of this report.

Strengthening the Patient Voice: Quality Improvement Report, May 2019 : this report tells you what we did, how we did it and what we learned.

What makes a good patient feedback exercise?’: Survey Results, December 2018 : this report tells you what people said when we asked them if they wanted to give feedback on their experiences at the REH and, if so, how, what and when would they like to be asked.

Patient Experience – A Review of the Research, November 2018 : this is a short review of some of the research literature on the experiences of patients on psychiatric wards and the importance of gathering patient views.


External Reports

Reports we think are important, written by other organisations will appear here.

Annual Reports and Minutes

Every year we produce a report which looks back over the previous year.  It is presented at the Annual General Meeting.


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Stories of Changing Lives

One of our volunteers has also produced a book ,‘Stories of changing lives’. You can download a copy here:

Stories Of Changing Lives Book 

Stories Of Changing Lives II