Patients Council

Patients’ Council Meetings are the big, main collective advocacy meetings in the hospital. Sometimes we have guest speakers who will talk about new plans or initiatives to improve the hospital. This is the time for patients to get together, share experiences, get informed, be a part of, and feedback directly to the Patients’ Council. It can be good to share common experience and feel supported, but the group is not a support group and we focus on how to improve care and treatment and take things forward. It is also a chance to be updated on the work of the Patients’ Council volunteers. Please see below for meeting dates.

Patients Council Meetings 2020

Our Patient Council meetings for 2020 will be in The Hive from 2pm until 3.30pm on the following dates:

27 Jan

30th March

25th May

27th July

28th Sept


Our Annual General Meeting will be on the 30th November.