Mirror Image by Jo McFarlane

Published in Stories of Changing Lives II

This is what I want
to be: a carbon copy
print of me

A billboard plastered
high above: my picture on it,
look of love

This is what I want
to write: my signature
bold and wide

A book about my tawdry life:
the tears I’ve wept,
the rope, the knife

This is what I want
to show you: how I’ve grown,
how I know that you

Can find the love
within, Your beauty’s
in your suffering

So don’t deny it,
don’t belie it, don’t escape
on drugs or diets

Look your mirror
in the eye, cry your tears
then wipe them dry

Only then you’ll find your wings
Fly my child towards the sun
You can’t go back, you won’t go wrong

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